All windows down, all cushions hot, all sense of being in a hurry gone.

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Dover to Simplon

This summer saw us take my little turqouise Clio on an epic trip all around northern Europe: down to Italy through France, Germany and Switzerland and back up through Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France; managing to cover 4000 miles in total!

It was generally an all-round joyous experience; looking outside at the foul Brightonian Autumn I can’t quite believe it happened, (although the pictures assure me that it did) and want to prostrate myself before whichever dickhead causes time to pass and scream, “Take me baaaack motherfucker!”

Sadly, as much as I’ve tried throughout my life to discover some secret powers of time-space manipulation, the search remains in vain. Instead I have resorted to taking hundreds of photos to reminisce/torture myself with.

Be warned: this is just the beginning.

Roadtrip na Stálkov