To You…

Quick click
As it closes, just like that.

Lazy, languid; endless supine sleep and rolling breath.


I want to make you laugh how I know best;
One that yelps its way into your chest.
And pushes up and makes you double down,
A shout of blissful ecstasy.

Trusting touch of soft caress.
Hands that brand their mark across my breast;
Growing, throbbing, falling, knowing
Glorious euphoria;
Clean, sweet release.


Peaceful, serene; wisping wind that wanders still,
No rhyme could tell
The ache of beauty.

The silence cannot penetrate my wall of sound.
Who knows the way when all is down?
Am I looking out or turning in?
No one knows;
I breathe again.

I’d like to tear my heart out,
But I’d rather feel like that than lose it,

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