For one reason or another I haven’t taken many photos on my usual camera in far too long. I’ve been toting it around with me religiously, but have remained relentlessly uninspired, and it’s just been clunking uselessly against my hip and pissing me off. I have, however, been taking lots of snapshots of things on my phone which I didn’t deem “interesting enough for my precious films”. And looking back through them yesterday I realised what a tragic mistake that has turned out to be. I’ve got an impotent film full of shit and an iphone full of awesome. I have become someone I would usually detest.

It has taught me a lot about the way I take photos though: I always just carry around my chunky film SLRs and the whole freaking ceremony of taking a photo with them means I very rarely take true to life snapshots, which is something I think both my personal photographic archive and photography skills are lacking in greatly. Had I just bought myself a little old point and shoot when I wanted one I wouldn’t have had this problem. So “TO EBAY…!”

Anyway, lesson duly learnt, and justification over; for want of anything to show for the last few weeks, I’m going to make some posts of iphone photos. I can only apologise.


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