Dover to Simplon

This summer saw us take my little turqouise Clio on an epic trip all around northern Europe: down to Italy through France, Germany and Switzerland and back up through Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France; managing to cover 4000 miles in total! It was generally an all-round joyous experience; looking outside at […]


About 6 months ago I went on holiday and took some photos; here are the well overdue results. Cue generic complaint about the scan quality…

“The UK gets on average 33 days of snow fall a year”

England received its annual dump of snow recently, and obviously the entire country went mental: transport came to its usual standstill; everyone on Twitter was typically hysterical about everything, ever; normally functioning adults ran around taking endless pictures of snow angels and refusing to do any work and my dog got over excited when using […]

Nikon F501: test film.

This yuletide season I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful Nikon F501, complete with flash and AF lens. Win. I obviously paid my generous family back, with the dubious honour of making them my guinea pigs for the test film. And these are the results! Please excuse the lack of any apparent photographic skill […]