I Call Bullshit…Fascism, (Strike 1.)

It’s been a very long time since I actually wrote anything on here, I think I got somewhat caught up in the ease with which photography blogs can look more polished than writing ones without quite so much effort. Don’t get me wrong, photography is a perfectly arduous art, I’m just not that good, so […]

New Buzzword Alert!

A few observations on the increasingly inexplicable and comedic jargon smattering the government’s proposals, including their newest term: “Welfare Dependency” After an extended hiatus in which I have been, quite frankly, neglecting all responsible aspects of my life pretty fantastically, I have decided to return and attempt to pick up the pieces of my decimated […]

My 5 Cents on the Elective Chaos.

Selective comments on the very recent, and very chaotic, general election. The British Public has voted. And what has happened is a vote of no confidence, clearly. I know we are all desperate for something concrete to happen, (Who didn’t cower on election night when a sleep deprived David Dimbleby barked that he wanted to […]

Britain Boyles Over.

http://k3tten.blogspot.com/2010/04/punching-me-in-face-would-have-been.html Frankie Boyle has outraged the more sensationalist among us this week, with what the Daily Mail has dubbed his “foul tirade” against Down Syndrome sufferers and their parents “by criticising their hair, clothes and voices”. There is no doubt that it must be excruciating to listen to an audience laughing uproariously about a subject […]