Dover to Simplon

This summer saw us take my little turqouise Clio on an epic trip all around northern Europe: down to Italy through France, Germany and Switzerland and back up through Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France; managing to cover 4000 miles in total! It was generally an all-round joyous experience; looking outside at […]


About 6 months ago I went on holiday and took some photos; here are the well overdue results. Cue generic complaint about the scan quality…

The Big Build Up

I’ve recently developed a bit of an obsession with big high-rise buildings. I haven’t done much with the idea yet, and I’ve found that getting those good old verticals straight with a little 35mm camera and little 30 inch legs is a bit of a challenge, but here are some preliminary shots. I’m quite excited actually, because […]

Autumn Rambling

I managed to shoot through half a roll of lovely Kodak Portra 160 at an ISO of 800. Schoolboy. I persevered though, and the results could be worse, I guess.

Zbrojovka Brno

During my most recent trip to Brno, I went exploring in an abandoned firearms factory. The light and atmosphere were nothing I’ve ever experienced before, it was like a ready-made lightbox; so rather than take the typical broken-windowed abandoned photos, I thought I’d experiment with some still-lifes.